About us 

* Searching for unknown or forgotten musical treasures 
is why we meet again and again..
This is one of the reasons why we chose to name ourselves 
after the Egyptian god ‘Horus’, symbol of the reincarnation of good.
With this goal in mind, we have been making music together on historical instruments for many years and in the most varied formations.*

The Ensemble
   Founded in 2002 by Basma AbdelRahim together with 
her husband , Kamel Salah-Eldin, the Horus Ensemble is made up principally of historically informed members of the Frankfurt Opera Orchestra, and since it”s inception has played a regular part in ‘Kammermusik im Foyer’, the chamber music series of the Frankfurt Opera.

The Ensemble is always glad to welcome back such renowned specialists in historical performance as: 
Andrea Marcon, Hille Perl, Lee Santana, Jermias Schwarzer, 
Arno Jochem,Evangelina Mascardi, Juilan Podger, Dileno Baldin,
and Steven Player.

The repertoire
includes instrumental and vocal works from the early baroque to the classical and pre-romantic periods. in the last years’ work an emphasis was put on French baroque.

In early 2009 the ensemble presented it’s first programme of dance music with solo dance in the French baroquestyle , a venture euphorically received.
The Press and radio described the concert as a 'true discovery', one unfortunately denied to some would-be concertgoers, as the performance was sold out!

  Such praise is the best motivation in our continual striving toward exhilarating musical journeys and discoveries.

(P.S. inspiring cuisine is always the best company for us during work!)

                  Always looking forward to the next step!